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420 Evaluations Anaheim Analyzing Raw Cannabis

You must have heard it somewhere or the other by now. The fact that you can have raw cannabis. The same way you consume kale or spinach. 420 Evaluations Anaheim is here to give you a comprehensive view of consuming raw cannabis.

There are two kinds of people who would react to this news, ones who love the concept of juicing: a new age philosophy that promotes the cold pressing of greens and their consumption in that form. This is supposed to retain all of their nutrients while changing it into the most readily consumed form: Liquid.

This has also gained popularity due to its popularity amongst the “influencers,” namely nutritionists, athletes, celebrities, and healthcare professionals.

So are there any Benefits of Consuming Cannabis Raw?

Let’s investigate.

Is It a Vegetable?

Well, I am glad you asked because it is. If you count out the fact that “it is a hallucinogenic herb which when smoked and provides the smoker with a high. It truly is a very healthy vegetable. It is green and loaded with fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. That doesn’t sound too shabby now, does it?

Benefits of Consuming Raw Cannabis

Now that we have established its potency as a vegetable, let’s have a broad overview of why eating cannabis consumed raw is better than the existing form of smoking, vaping, eating, or dabbing.

Elimination of Psychoactive Effects

Even though having those psychoactive effects is why so many people enjoy the plant. But there are also people who want to enjoy all the health benefits of cannabis without the added headache of being high.

THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient of cannabis, is only activated on its exposure to heat, and with raw cannabis, this issue is resolved.

No Smoke

You are probably doing your lungs a huge favor by not smoking. Marijuana has a lot of health benefits, but smoking is still bad for your internal organs.

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Helps in the Management of Chronic Diseases

Cannabis is a great way to manage chronic disease. Juicing it and having it raw acts the same way. Marijuana contains enough antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that it acts as a supplement to help prevent certain diseases.

Some of those diseases include

  •  Anxiety
  •  Depression
  •  Drug Dependency
  •  Dementia
  •  Multiple Sclerosis
  •  Stroke

A decline in the Free Radicals of the Body

Free radicals are a massive hindrance to the well-being of the human body, but marijuana has a rich antioxidant profile, which is great for fighting off free radicals.

Juicing is also thought to increase the potency of antioxidants in cannabis.

Increase in Energy, Manages Appetite and Food Intake

All issues that relate to obesity are cardio metabolic-related, and with cannabis, each one of these can be managed.

Sleep Induction

Insomnia or even the general inability to drift off to sleep can be quite an irritation for people and can cause a drop in productivity. With the raw consumption of cannabis, however, one can sleep without the side effects that are generally associated with THC.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of benefits that are offered by cannabis but rather an introduction. Research into marijuana has just started picking up, and it is one promising field for people suffering from a wide range of chronic problems.