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420 Evaluations Anaheim Lists Best Medical Marijuana Strains

Marijuana is quickly replacing all the other forms of pain alleviation i.e., drugs, to become a facet of people’s lives beyond the set parameters of society.

The users are veterans with PTSD, people suffering from chronic pain to anxious millennials. Each one of these people has their own unique set of problems, but they have all found a common thread via marijuana to ease their symptoms and in some cases, regain their personalities back.

Marijuana is a versatile herb. Some varieties cater to every kind of problem that a person is suffering from.

Here is a list of the best medical marijuana strains that you can access through 420 Evaluations Anaheim.

Blue Dream

California’s native Blue dream is a great Sativa dominant strain that is considered to be legendary amongst frequent consumers. It is especially popular amongst users in the daytime as it helps in treating pain, depression, nausea, and ailments whose symptoms require a high THC count.

It has three distinctive notes herbal, peppery, and pine.

Sour Diesel

Also known as Sour D, this strain is characterized by the pungent smell that makes its presence known everywhere. On the effects front, you are looking at dreamy and energizing cerebral effects that translate well for users suffering from stress, pain, and depression. You could go hiking and be social all at once with this strain.

The notes in Sour D are citrus, peppery, and herbal.

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If a giggle fit is what you’re looking for, you would have come to the right place with GSC.  A sweet and earthy aroma makes itself well known whenever you light up Girl Scout Cookie (GSC).

But caution needs to be exercised as you will reach a new level of euphoria where you enter a deep cerebral space with full-body relaxation.

On the medical front, it offers swift relief from severe pain, nausea, and appetite loss.

The notes here are citrus, pepper, and hoppy.

Green Crack

The name here is extremely daunting, as it has a couple of negative connotations. You are looking at a strain that provides you with a mental buzz that helps fight fatigue, depression, and stress.

It is the strain for an ultimate coping mechanism throughout the day.

The notes here are citrus, pepper, and herbal.

OG Kush

The parent plant of this strain is the Hindu Kush, so it should not be a surprise that this is a sophisticated strain with a unique terpene profile and a complex aroma of fuel, spice, and skunk.

Profile wise you are looking at high THC content and almost zero CBD, which makes it suitable for daytime or early evening usage.

The high is more head-focused than the body; this gives general upliftment and energizes the user, making it easier to be in social situations.

The notes of OG Kush are citrus, peppery, and herbal.

Granddaddy Purple

This one has the same effects as what something you call granddaddy would have. It’s a potent strain usually pulled off the shelf only for the worst of cases of pain, stress, appetite loss, muscle spasms, and insomnia.

Effect wise you are looking at physical relaxation and cerebral euphoria.

The reigning notes here are herbal, pepper, and pine.

Jack Herer

Named after the legendary activist Jack Herer, this is a medical favorite to the point that in the late 1990s almost every Dutch pharmacy was categorized as the ultimate medical strain.

It is not just all flash and no substance, it is backed its claims of being a superior strain by winning multiple awards.

Providing a mellow high, you can rest assured that you will be able to hold a conversation by retaining some form of awareness in your surroundings.

The reigning notes here are a pepper, herbal and fruity

These are the strains that at this point are favored by the medical community. If you, too, are leveraging cannabis to deal with your medical condition, do give these strains a try.