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California Officials Plan To Curb Illicit Cannabis Businesses Through The Latest Campaign!

The cannabis industry is thriving. Very rightly so! It has induced a positive vibe in the state and is continuously enhancing the health of the patients through medicinal benefits. The popularity of cannabis comes with a negative side too. 

What can that be?

The illegal market. Yeah, the shady one! The major risk of sourcing your supply from these illicit traders lies in the quality. When you purchase your stock of medical cannabis from a licensed dispensary, you can rest assured that it’s of optimum quality. The plants are grown in quality-controlled environments with careful attention to every aspect of biology.

Well, it’s not the same as the illegal market. 

The campaign is set

The California cannabis regulators recently kickstarted a campaign to educate the people about the potential dangers of the illegal market. The chief of BCC—Bureau of Cannabis Control, Lori Ajax mentioned that the “Get #weedlife” program is aimed at encouraging customers to purchase products only from licensed business owners. 

Ajax further mentioned that “This type of campaign is the first of its kind. It aims to educate the public about the basic differences between sourcing cannabis from legal and illegal businesses. 

Unlicensed weed is of trash quality

The Bureau of Cannabis Control mentions that all consumers should purchase cannabis only from licensed shops. They are tested for purity, quality, and potency. The campaign will warn consumers about the potential risks of purchasing cannabis from unlicensed stores.

Ajax mentions that ”This campaign will directly impact consumers by influencing their decision to purchase cannabis only from licensed businesses and send a clear message that only licensed retailers meet the state’s safety requirements. This will serve as a notice to unlicensed operators that they should get licensed or else they’ll be shut down.”

The campaign will serve its message through advertisement campaigns which will run on multiple platforms. The ads will warn customers that cannabis from unlicensed stores contains feces, chemicals, and mold. 

You surely wouldn’t have expected right?

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Unlicensed businesses will be shut down

The campaign will send alerts to all illegal businesses. They will be warned for their illegal activities and be given a clear intimation that their cash and goods can be seized if action is not taken.

BCC spokesperson mentions that California will shell out approximately $1.7 million on the campaign and will aim to shut down illicit stores and grant license to companies that are willing to enter the regulated market. 

In spite of efforts in the past, there haven’t been enough results onboard. Illegal businesses still thrive. This campaign is aimed to bring a much-needed change in the industry. With medical marijuana on the rise, it’s necessary that patients access top quality cannabis products. Low-quality cannabis can cause more harm than good. 

So, it’s necessary that people step out and support this campaign by purchasing their stock of cannabis only from licensed stores. This will send a clear message to law-breakers that they need to mend their ways or else they’ll be shut down. For a healthy cannabis culture, it’s necessary that people access top quality products and we should all aim to contribute towards the same.