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Cannabis and Coronavirus- How to Prevent The Spread?

The country is getting the hardest hit with the number of active cases going through the roof. You know the score. It has already infected more than 400k of the American population. As if that was not enough. The number of deaths rose to 12k. Then again, I am sure you must be keeping the count yourself as well. Let’s face it. The people are under extreme stress that even if they go for doctor consultations online or obtain their cannabis card online, things won’t fall in place. The answer is simple. Not everyone is aware if they can refill their prescriptions, or will they be able to use the card to obtain their cannabis products.

The Result?

It is complete chaos all over the place. According to the data analytics firm New Frontier Data, more than 3 million people who use cannabis medicinally. And this outbreak might affect their chances of managing the condition.

Remember the hazy sessions with friends. That’s what cannabis consumption was all about before this public health crisis. It is the time when the cannabis community needs to think a little differently. It’s because, in the wake of this global pandemic, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention recommends:

  • Maintaining approximately six feet distance 
  • Moving group sessions to FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype
  • Stop sharing 
  • Maintaining the hygiene requirements of your cannabis accessories

Let me say this straight. It’s for your benefit, unless and until you prefer coronavirus over your health. So, this calls for including specific changes in your lifestyle to avoid contracting the virus or spreading the infection. Let’s get started.

Puff And Pass Count no More

Let’s not forget that sharing joints, bong, blunt, vaporizer, or any other accessory should not be a part of your routine anymore. It’s not the time for proximities or sharing. For the time being, enjoy your own and clean it often without letting any other person use it.

Here’s the point: You need to practice social distancing, and that means be away from any other person. And if you start sharing your cannabis accessories that won’t be possible. It’s applicable for all, whether you are a recreational cannabis user, or are using it with a cannabis card online. Initially, you might be inclined to call your friend for a smoke session. But, it’s time that you become responsible and stop indulging in any activity that might risk your health. Also, experts recommend not sharing your stash, either.

My point is scientists already discovered that the virus can survive for like four hours on copper surfaces and approximately 24 hours on cardboard. In addition to that, it might survive on plastic or stainless steel for around two to three days. Although the virus is not foodborne, if anyone sneezes in your proximity, it could spread via respiratory droplets. So, before you prepare for your session (Of course, alone), make sure to wash your hands for around 20 seconds. Once you do the preparations, rewash the hands, do your thing, and again go for hand washing.

Remember: We are already becoming the epicenter of the outbreak, do everything you can to avoid the spread of this deadly virus. 

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Shake Hands With “Hand Sanitizer”

If you are into vape or roll up on the go, keeping with the trend of hand washing and cleaning everything might feel tricky. Although hand sanitizer is no way near washing your hands with soap, it is still better than doing nothing at all. So, if you think you don’t have the option to wash your hands before preparing your stash or while hitting your vape, go for hand sanitizers.

Use a similar practice to wipe down your devices as well. If you have sanitizer wipes, this would be the right time to put them into use for carefully cleaning your vaporizer or pipe.

Skip Smoking or Vaping For Now

Although we already discussed the ways to manage smoking or vaping during this period, experts recommend skipping this part for the time being. Clearly, the best way to ensure health around this time is to avoid such practices altogether. Believe me; you will find no one who will condone such practices right now. It’s simple. You must keep yourself away from any foreign substances that might cause irritation or inflammation. 

Let’s face it. Smoking anything (tobacco or cannabis) will do more damage to your lungs. Believe it or not, if you want to combat this virus, you need to give your lungs some break as this virus primarily attacks the respiratory system.

Still not convinced?

A study published in the Chinese Medical Journal found that those with a history of smoking had suppressed immunity with an increased risk of developing influenza or respiratory infections when contracted with coronavirus. Even if you are not sick, smoking adds undue stress to your respiratory system. And the ones who already are showing symptoms, smoking could make things worse. And if you are using cannabis as medicine after obtaining a cannabis card online, try using other alternatives.

Opt For Other Cannabis Consumption Methods

If you are looking for the best way to use your medicine without adding any stress to your respiratory tract, going for other consumption methods would be great. For example, cannabis tinctures can be your friend if you are looking for a quick high. All you need to do is to put a few drops under your tongue, wait, and swallow to absorb the medicine completely. You will feel the effects within 10 and 45 minutes after ingesting the drops.

Also, you can go for edibles that have the advantage of endless options. You can opt for gluten-free, or plan-based edibles for the patients with dietary restrictions. However, the effects might take some time to settle in. But, once it triggers the system, it stays for longer hours.

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It’s Time to Pay Attention to Mental Health

You are not lucky enough to get out of this mess quickly. Don’t even try to deny it. So, it is crucial as a society to prevent the spread. However, social distancing and lockdown measures are making people prone to mental stress and fear of the unknown. And, by now, you will have the idea that stress weakens your immune system. So, it’s essential to keep yourself engaged in activities that will help you with managing triggers or stressors efficiently. For instance, you can start exercising while taking breaks from the news. Focus on matters that will keep you away from any panic attack. 

Other than that, keep in touch with your friends and family members using FaceTime or Skype or other social media channels. And go for cannabis to relieve your stress. You can go for DIY methods for edibles or simply go for a different consumption method to keep yourself engaged. But, since recreational activities are on hold for now, if you have a qualifying medical condition, opting for a cannabis card online can help you with all these options without any hassle. 

Final Thoughts

More than 33 states of America are cannabis-friendly states, be it for medicinal or recreational purposes. However, the operational state of cannabis is still up in the air. While some dispensaries in Chicago have stopped selling products to recreational users, the ones in San Francisco reversed their stance and opened their dispensaries. However, officials fear that the ones who are unable to access cannabis might turn to the black market. But, for patients with a cannabis card online, they must opt for lab-tested products. Other products might affect your immune system. It’s no brainer that you would want to be in the best of your health to fight against the current public health crisis. 

A word of caution: If any medical cannabis user contracts the virus, be sure to talk to your doctor before continuing with cannabis. 

We are in a state of change. And everyone needs to follow these guidelines and turn out to be a winner. Be together but from a distance. Look out for your family and friends, and keep yourself updated with current regulations.