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Gift Yourself a Taste of Good Health With Full-spectrum Cannabis Extract

The popularity of CBD as the primary healthcare product soared just like the global economy is now heading towards a recession. People are going crazy over a plethora of CBD products. There is no doubt CBD is therapeutically more potent. But,  choosing a remnant will make you lose the value of the whole thing. That’s why going for full-spectrum cannabis extracts is somehow a better option than going for CBD or THC isolates. 

But, why is that? Because cannabis is more than just the cannabinoids. Isn’t that a reason why nature has come up with a magic potion? Instead of just coming with a product containing CBD or THC alone. Understand that there is definitely a motive behind nature providing you with a magic potion. 

For instance, when there is a group of people targeting a single thing, one would always move forward with strengths rather than weaknesses. 

Likewise, combining all the components together will boost the therapeutic benefits of the plant while minimizing any non-desirable effects. Here is how a whole plant is beneficial to CBD or THC alone.

Entourage Effect

If you are a regular cannabis user, then you would understand the concept of medical marijuana’s fragrance and aroma. Isn’t it? So, the different aromas that you explored such as lemons, pine trees or any other type of aroma. That is precise because of a class of compounds known as “terpenes”. 

But, that’s not the only thing they are responsible for. They have their own medicinal or therapeutic benefits as well. For instance, one of the terpenes, caryophyllene, has potent antibacterial or anti-inflammatory properties. That’s how the entourage effect comes into play when we talk about full-spectrum cannabis extracts. 

Researchers and scientists who are working on different aspects of the cannabis plant suggest that terpenes enhance the therapeutic efficiency of the primary cannabinoids CBD or THC. It’s like a team of defenders is working together to protect their goal post from the other team’s attackers. 

Resulting in better defense. Hence, no more disease progression. Isn’t that a good deal? Thereby, showing a great promise when it comes to management or treatment of different kinds of medical conditions. 

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Real-time Example of Entourage Effect

A product developed by GW Pharmaceuticals, namely, Sativex, is one of the best examples to prove that full-spectrum cannabis extracts work incredibly well. After a decade of experiments, they devised this formula that was helpful in relieving painful conditions or spasms associated with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). 

Although, they don’t market this product directly. But, their product worked better when they used a combination of compounds instead of going for either of the primary cannabinoids. 

When To Avoid Full-spectrum Cannabis Extracts?

There are many conditions where you don’t want terpenes to interfere in the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids. For example, if you take THC with CBD in managing glaucoma, then it might diminish the therapeutic benefits of THC by blocking the endocannabinoid receptor. 

The image shared below gives a slight idea of the benefits of different cannabinoids. So that you can choose relevant strains for managing your condition effectively. 

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So, it’s essential that you should ask a medical marijuana specialist whether or not to go for the whole plant. Or else you might have to face some severe medical consequences for the same. 

Also, you must have a cannabis card to access any medical marijuana products. And if your card is about to expire, make sure you apply for cannabis card renewal. Or you will not be able to access any privileges. 

To Sum Up

For now, it is very difficult to track down the actual data linked to the medicinal benefits of full-spectrum cannabis extracts. But, a reason why it is gaining popularity is because of its cost-effectiveness as compared to other products as the whole process itself is very costly. 

Companies make these products by using environmental-friendly processes. That makes them more viable for different kinds of medical conditions. What will you opt for isolates or whole plant extract?