Everything a Beginner Should Know About Cannabis Concentrates

Everything a Beginner Should Know About Cannabis Concentrates

If you’re one of the many people constantly researching on the subject of cannabis, you must have come across the term ‘cannabis concentrates’ quite often. What are cannabis concentrates, how are they extracted and can a person with a medical marijuana card online consume them? Let us find the answers to all the queries that a beginner might have about cannabis concentrates in this guide.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates, as the name suggests, are the concentrated parts of the cannabis plants. Often distilled or vaporized to only experience the most potent effects, these concentrates are created to rid the plant of all excess compounds except a select few. This is done to mainly amplify the benefits of the famous ‘entourage effect’ in the consumer’s body.

During the extraction process the select few components that are retained are cannabinoids and terpenes.

  • Cannabinoids are compounds that naturally occur in cannabis plants. CBD and THC are two of the most prominent cannabinoids that are known and recognized for their medicinal benefits. Where a normal plant will only have about 15 to 25% of THC content, these concentrates can easily have anywhere between 50 to 90%.
  • Terpenes or terpenoids are natural products that are often found in plants and animals. They are mostly responsible for the plant’s aroma, pigmentation and flavor. As cannabis is also a plant, terpenes play a major role and will also then have a higher presence in these concentrates.

These two compounds are most protected to make the best cannabis concentrate. They alone decide the type of experience that the consumption will lead to. The effects and the feel of cannabis concentrates are made to hit the mark completely without any extra presence of unneeded elements of the cannabis plant. How does the whole extraction process work out? Let’s find out.

How Are Concentrates Extracted From the Plants? 

The two main extraction processes used for the extraction of these concentrates are:

Solvent Based Extractions

Via this method of extraction, the plant is dissolved into a liquid solution. Some of the most popular compound liquid formulations that are used here are butane, propane, ethanol or carbon dioxide. This method of extraction is generally considered to be dangerous and thus cannot be performed at home.

You would need proper equipment and a lab-like surrounding to pull off the solvent-based extraction process and create the perfect concentrate from the cannabis plants. Some of the cannabis concentrates that are extracted via this process include:

  • Wax
  • Shatter
  • CO2 Oil
  • Live Resin

Solventless Extractions

A relatively easier extraction process of these concentrates is via the means of a physical method. Physically whether you place the plant under pressure, filter it or alter the temperature around, it will become a way to extract the concentrate. As there is no need for any high technology equipment or placing of the plant into any dangerous liquids, this process can be carried out easily at home.

The cannabis concentrates that are created via this method are more popularly used than any others, due to the fact that they are more home-friendly. It is truly a crafty exercise and only some are able to do it perfectly. Let us then go through a list of cannabis concentrates created from solventless extraction.

Is It Safe to Consume Cannabis Concentrates?

Now that we know what cannabis concentrates are and how to extract them, the next question obviously becomes to figure out whether or not it is safe to consume them. The fear associated with the consumption of these concentrates is completely fair. They are more potent than any natural cannabis flower or any other cannabis product for that matter.

Cannabis concentrates or marijuana concentrates instigate a chain of strong reactions in the body of the user. As they fall in the high THC content range between 50 to 90%, nobody can predict how they will affect the body of each individual person who consumes it. On top of their potency, the other thing that poses a bit of a problem in the way of consumption is the method of consumption that the person adopts.

Tips to Safely Consume Cannabis Concentrates 

There is a methodical process of consuming these cannabis concentrates to ensure that the person is using them effectively and safely. Let us go through it, for the benefit of our readers.

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Consult With a Health Professional

The first practice that will help a person who has just begun their journey with cannabis concentrates is visitation with a medical health professional. Especially for a patient who wishes to use these concentrates for medical reasons. Getting a medical card and conversing with the doctor is a safe way of using these cannabis concentrates on the go.

Start Slow With a Low Dosage

Another thing that will be of particular help for people who are consuming these concentrates is the starting of the respective dosage in a slow and low manner. A rank newcomer who hasn’t ever before experimented with the potent concentrate must make it a point to not start out with a higher dosage.

Since the concentrates are already highly potent, consuming them in small quantities will help the people not get overwhelmed by the effects. This will also help them get ahead of their future consumption and control the future impact of these concentrates for the best effects.

Buy the Concentrate From a Legit Dispensary  

If you’re buying these concentrates from a legit dispensary and not from some shady website or a random guy on the street, chances of your experience being goodwill increase manifold. Hence for your personal safety, the best thing for you to do is visit a legit dispensary and purchase only the best quality and familiar concentrates.


In conclusion, it is best to reiterate the importance for a beginner to research all about cannabis concentrates before beginning their consumption. Hopefully, this guide has shed enough light on this topic, if you have any points to share, don’t forget to leave a comment!