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Complete Guide to Making a Pumpkin Bong

Halloween is approaching. Everybody is preparing to celebrate the season in their own styles. So are cannabis users. Making a pumpkin bong for smoking marijuana can be a great idea to have more fun in the season.

In this post, we will discuss how to make a pumpkin bong at home. To buy high-quality buds legally for smoking, make sure you have a medical cannabis card online.

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Preparing The Pumpkin

After you get a medium-size pumpkin from your vegetable garden, you need to prepare it. In other words, removing the material inside it. Here’s how to do it-

Cut the pumpkin head using the knife. It’s good to leave 1-2 inches to stem with the pumpkin, which will make it easy to handle the lid.

You need to empty the pumpkin by removing the seeds and other material. Well, it’s not easy. You can use a spoon for taking the material out. The main objective is to remove all the obstructions for smoke and water, thus helping you have a smooth smoking experience.

After cleaning the pumpkin from inside completely, it will become a hollow structure. Place the lid back on the pumpkin base. Let’s move to the complete process of converting the pumpkin into smoking equipment.

The Stepwise Process

What you need for making the pumpkin bong-

  • A mouthpiece, you can use a simple straw
  • A bong bowl
  • A glass downstem
  • Water

Step One

Carve a hole on one side of the pumpkin to fit the downstem into. Make sure the hole should point from head to bottom. Most importantly, carve the hole carefully, start with a small one and increase the size gradually, thus making the downstem fit perfectly.

In some cases, seeds and guts got stuck in the downstem. As a result, causing difficulty when smoking. To avoid this, you should clean the pumpkin completely.

Step Two

Next is, installing the mouthpiece. You need to carve a hole on the opposite side of the downstem. Again, you should carve the hole carefully to prevent any leaks during smoking.

However, you can install a removable mouthpiece from another bong. Or you can smoke cannabis directly from the pumpkin. Just carve a hole, and done.

Step Three

Add water to the newly created bong. One of the major benefits of using water is that it can help cool the smoke, thus providing a better smoking experience. However, you should skip adding water if you want the pumpkin to function as a bowl.

However, you can decorate your pumpkin bong in your style. It has nothing to do with the bong performance but allows you to showcase your creativity.

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A medical marijuana card can help you to access cannabis products, such as gummies, brownies, teas, flowers, topicals, etc. legally. To apply for a card, you need to see a doctor, and telemedicine technology allows you to do so online. It’s a simple and quick process-

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Key Takeaways

Making a pumpkin bong at home allows you to have fun and celebrate the Halloween season. The process is very simple. Carve the lid of the pumpkin and empty it from inside, removing seeds and guts completely. Carve a hole for installing the downstem. Be careful about the hole size, the downstem should fit perfectly in it. Carve another hole for the mouthpiece. However, you can install a removable mouthpiece or smoke cannabis directly from the pumpkin.

When smoking cannabis through the pumpkin bong, dosing is important. Start slow, and increase gradually. You should choose strains with optimal levels of cannabinoids and terpenes to have a great smoking experience during the Halloween season.

Apply for your medical cannabis card online today, and get benefits, such as-

  • Access to high-potency medical marijuana
  • Age relaxations
  • Tax saving
  • Grow own cannabis plants at home for personal use