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Does Marijuana Play a Role in Improving Your Physical Performance?

Have you ever heard about the “feel-good sensation” after doing physical activity? In fact, studies reveal that indulging in different physical activities is equivalent to a happy pill. Yes, you heard it right. But that’s not the question here. The question of the hour is, “Why should I get a medical marijuana card online to remain physically fit? Well, the answer is simple.

The ongoing pandemic can make it challenging to remain physically active. Although I am sure you have heard this a million times. Still, why do I say this? How is it essential amid the COVID-19 outbreak? It’s because scientists often link moderate physical activities with better immune function. And, in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, everyone wants to be on the top of health. Isn’t it? 

Guess what?

Combining cannabis and exercise can help you do just that. But, before that, let’s be clear about one thing. The impact of marijuana on your physical performance largely depends on the type of exercise and your goal at hand. However, what happens inside your system while working out is still a mystery. So, let’s dig a little deeper and find out “how’s” and “why’s” of using marijuana for your workout sessions. 

Medical Marijuana And Exercise- The Science

While digging into trends, we found a lot of studies and research suggesting that marijuana users who used cannabis before working out had a great experience while doing so. To put it another way. Cannabis made the session more enjoyable. Let me give you an example. 

Are you familiar with “Runner’s high?” It’s the feeling of euphoria that some people attain upon reaching the sweet spot while working out. It’s because the brain releases a cascade of chemicals or endorphins. And these chemicals can trigger feelings of pleasure. 

Scientists believe that the endocannabinoid system mediates this exercise-induced euphoria. And as we all know that cannabis targets the same system. So, researchers feel that cannabis can help users to jumpstart those feelings. Again, one must understand that, amid the COVID-19 dilemma, a lot of people would not want to get out of their couches. However, if we put cannabis in the picture, it will motivate them to get back to their workout schedule without a miss. In other words, you would want to do your routine again, without any pressure.

But, why should you get a medical marijuana card online when a lot of states, including California, have deemed cannabis as “essential services? 

It’s because not every cannabis dispensary is offering cannabis products to recreational users. So, if you have a debilitating condition, having an MMJ card will help you manage your health. Hence, indirectly helping you to boost your exercise routine amid the crisis. Now that you understood the science let’s get back to the “why” of combining cannabis and marijuana in your routine workouts.

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Why Combining Cannabis And Exercise Works?

Aside from enjoyment, a survey reported that cannabis helps to increase focus, concentration, and awareness. Since we are dealing with a global pandemic, such parameters are more than necessary. But that’s not all. Combining cannabis and exercise offers a lot of benefits. 

It Might Relieve Exercise-related Pain

By now, everyone probably has the idea that cannabis is an excellent analgesic or pain-reliever. Many studies even claim that its efficacy is 20 times higher than any traditional pain-relievers. In other words, cannabis switches off the pain signals. And that will eventually help you to get through any painful sensations during or after the workout. 

It Helps to Boost Metabolism

Often you might find yourself indulging into snacks or treats since there is nothing more to do. So, it would be quite impossible for many to manage their calories during these times. However, cannabis will help you to boost your metabolism by breaking down the calories into fuel rather than piling them as storage fats. Hence, your body will have a better insulin response. And if you add physical activity into that routine, it will enhance the calorie break down even more.  

It Helps to Ward Off Pre-workout Stress

Currently, everyone is looking for ways to improve their immune system. Some are into consuming health supplements. Others are increasing their hydration inputs. But, using cannabis, especially in raw form, will act as a superfood. It will help to keep your mind away from any anxieties and stressful triggers. And combining cannabis and exercise will help to walk into your workout session without being stressed. 

It Might Help to Soothe Sore Muscles 

Often people leave their work out sessions because it leaves them sore. And that makes them quit quite easily. Luckily, cannabis helps to relieve or soothe your aching muscles. 

It Might Protect You From Injuries 

Accidents are inevitable, no matter where you are. So, if you fall while working out, cannabis will help you to heal faster. You might be aware that marijuana is a potent anti-inflammatory agent. Hence, it will reduce the swelling and inflammation quickly. 

So, one can use it as an adjunct with pharmaceutical drugs to enhance the therapeutic potential. However, as we mentioned earlier, the use of cannabis depends mostly on the type of exercise. Therefore, if you are into any routine that requires fast reflexes, consuming cannabis after the workout session would be helpful. 

In short, cannabis helps you to become self-aware. And while doing so, it will aid your exercise performance and make you do more than what you planned. You can also include cannabis in your Yoga or meditation sessions. In addition to all the health benefits, cannabis also ensures that you don’t get bored with your repetitive routine. All in all, it will help you to remain physically active and be happy about it.

But wait, there’s more…

Why do you need cannabis when you can easily indulge in different forms of physical activity without it? 

Let me tell you something vital. You might be aware that there are certain high-risk groups when it comes to coronavirus pandemic. And diabetes and obesity are among those conditions that make you vulnerable to the attack. And the fact of the matter is, America has more than ten percent, and approximately 40 percent of the population has diabetes and obesity, respectively. So, it becomes critical that such patients keep their health stable.

So, how does cannabis help in such a scenario? 

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How is Cannabis Helpful For High-Risk Groups Amid The COVID-19 Attack?

Sitting idle amid the lockdown won’t only impact your mental or physical health. It might worsen your existing condition too. Think about this for a moment. Using marijuana can help solve both issues: one keeping you physically active and the other managing your health. But how is that possible? According to the studies and anecdotal findings, marijuana will boost your carbohydrate metabolism. Also, it will help to lower down the fasting insulin levels to maintain healthy sugar levels. All of this will ensure that your metabolism stays balanced.

So, what are we implying here?

It proves that marijuana not only helps manage your current health condition, i.e., diabetes and obesity. It will also help you to remain active. So, in a way, if you get a medical marijuana card, it will solve all your problems concerning physical activity.

Final Thoughts

As per the physical activity guidelines, officials suggest that Americans need approximately 15-300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercises per week. In other words, every active minute counts. Although I understand that the stereotypical image of a cannabis user is usually a “couch-locked” state, so combining cannabis and exercise might seem a bit weird at first. However, if you use the right strains, it can work wonders for you. And this is a must for “high-risk” groups. Therefore, you must get a medical marijuana card online to ensure that your current health condition does not make you vulnerable.

In the end, using cannabis not only ensures higher physical performance, but studies confirm that it is a potent anxiolytic agent as well. Therefore, you can consider cannabis as a single remedy to cater to your physical and mental health issues. However, if you are in doubt, talking to your 420 doctors might help.

But, a word of caution: Always indulge in moderate-intensity physical activities to boost your immune system. And keep practicing social distancing and other safety measures to avoid contracting the virus.