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How Can You Openly Talk About Cannabis Use With Your Family?

These days it is easier to get a medical marijuana card online for cannabis purchase from state-licensed dispensaries. It has helped a lot of patients stock up cannabis during the pandemic. All thanks to the nationwide accepted use of cannabis and legalization in several major US states in the past few years. People across the nation and in other countries have risen above the stigmatization associated with cannabis. They are welcoming the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and accepting its use for both recreational and medical use. However, cannabis is still in its infancy and some people still view cannabis under the light of harmful drugs. And these people can be anyone. From your family members to friends. Moreover, the most difficult part is explaining to your family members about cannabis use or opening up to them.

Advocating cannabis use in front of parents and close family can cause tension, lead to an intense environment, intimidate your parents, and give birth to uncomfortable silence. Despite cannabis acceptance nationwide, your family can view cannabis as a drug. Which, in turn, makes it more difficult for you to have a conversation regarding cannabis use. But there are a few things you can do to ensure an open, friendly, and mature conversation regarding cannabis with your family.

Talk About The Medicinal Properties Of Cannabis

People who believe in the stigma associated with cannabis also feel that the cannabis community makes medical claims to get high and promote legalization. Cannabis is still an illegal substance on the federal level. The only exception is that of CBD derived from hemp with less than or equal to 0.3% THC. This means that you need to have a detailed discussion regarding the medical quality of marijuana.

If you need help, look for live examples such as the documentary about Charlotte Figi. You can sit with your parents and watch that documentary and explain to them how cannabis helps people with certain medical ailments. Recognizing cannabis as a medicinal entity will help your family accept that there’s more to cannabis than just getting high. You see, medical properties can elevate the reputation of cannabis without having to rise above societal expectations.

Pay Attention To Your Parent’s Concerns

It is easier to feel angry and uncomfortable while doing your best to explain the therapeutic benefits of cannabis use. Particularly when your parents are not ready to have this discussion. Things could become heated if they vehemently oppose cannabis use when you are passionate about it. Or else you are trying to help your friend who requires cannabis for medical reasons. And you feel CBD could help alleviate the symptoms. You might decide in favor of your friend, but in order for everyone to believe you have to be logical. And by logical, I mean that you have to present some facts in tandem with your claims. Also, the problem is that while you are showing facts, be prepared to expect a counter fact. Which, in turn, can turn into an unpleasant debate instead of a nice and mature discussion.

This is why it is vital to be patient and listen to your family. Acknowledge their views and let them have a say. Agree with them and then try to explain your point calmly. If you do so, the discussion will go smoothly from there. Moreover, you will get a chance to express your views and help you show how cannabis might not be a big problem as they think. At the end of the day, no one likes unpleasant conversations and you are opening up about cannabis because you want to have a mature discussion.

State Your Theory With Scientific Evidence

There are a few studies regarding cannabis medicinal use. You can print a copy of a few and show your family how several scientists and researchers have looked into the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. You can tell them look Israel conducted a study and found out that CBD can help treat a wide range of medical conditions. These include epilepsy, PTSD, glaucoma, anxiety, and more.

Another scientific aspect that you can bring in the discussion is a link between cannabis and alcohol. You can take out statistics from the internet and show how cannabis has helped decrease the rate of opioid and alcohol use. You can also raise a valid point while explaining that alcohol is also injurious to health but most people consume it. If that’s the case then cannabis shouldn’t be a big problem. After saying that present with research and show them how cannabis is much safer than alcohol. Try to prove scientifically that cannabis is not a dangerous or fatal drug.

Go Back In Time

Once your family has learned a little about scientific theories. It’s time to dig a little deeper and help your family learn about cannabis history. It may further change their view about cannabis. It might also show that some lies and stigmas are built around theories that don’t even exist. First and foremost, you need to tell them that cannabis was not always illegal. It was used by the Chinese and other Asian country natives to treat certain ailments. In reality, the marijuana plant has only been illegal for some years.

Also, show them how doctors in the previous years used cannabis as medical property. In fact, even now people can get a medical marijuana card online from highly qualified and licensed doctors. So, there’s no doubt about the fact that cannabis was long used for medicinal properties and it is only recently that people started talking about it again.

Marijuana Is Not Only About Getting High

Some people believe that cannabis means getting high and wasted. In fact, others still believe that cannabis users have no future, job, or to be precise, a goal in life. This, in turn, is quite an understatement because most cannabis users have a job, family, and they do pretty well in life. While we cannot deny the fact that people consume cannabis for recreational purposes. However, that is absolutely fine and it’s not always the same.

You see, some people see medical cannabis to alleviate certain symptoms. So, make sure you explain this point to your family and friends. Tell them, cannabis is not only about getting high. It is available in various forms. For instance CD products. They do not have intoxicating effects. Most people use CBD to experience relaxation and relief from pain without feeling the psychoactive effects.

Talk About Personal Experiences

We believe it’s best you begin discussing the personal use of cannabis at the end of the conversation. After all, your parents or family have no experience with cannabis. They will not understand your view unless you first explain all the points we have discussed above in this write-up. So, instantly sharing personal experiences may lead them to believe that you are using cannabis for recreational use. And these are some concerns that might raise an argument between your parents and you.

This is why you need to explain the medical benefits. Particularly the ones that change your life in some way. For instance, you no longer get panic attacks due to anxiety. Or else CBD or THC helps relieve you of excessive stress. You can also share research studies to prove your point. The bottom line is that share everything smartly and have a mature conversation.