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Learn to Choose The Perfect Cannabis Topicals

As cannabis is getting popular, sales of cannabis topicals are also rising. You can find many cannabis topicals on the market. But, how to choose the best one? If you are looking for hemp-derived CBD topicals, you can find them at farmer’s market, chain stores like Walmart, and natural food stores. These are also available online. But, if you want to buy a product with high potency, you need to get an online medical marijuana recommendation. With this recommendation, you can buy cannabis products with high potency.

When looking for the perfect CBD topicals, you have to focus on certain factors. These include purity, concentration, and consistency.

1. Purity

How can you check the purity of a product? Your goal here should be to focus on cannabis or hemp that grew without the use of pesticides or any other synthetic fertilizers. The extraction process of cannabis should be done very gently so that the cannabinoid profile is preserved. Cannabinoid profiles hold the most medicinal benefits of cannabis plants. No contaminants should be introduced into the extract. 

But, what are the preferred methods? The best methods for extraction are Ethanol or CO2 extraction. So, what’s wrong with other methods of extraction? The biggest problem with other methods is the carcinogenic solvent residues left in the extract. These residues come with cheaper extraction methods. There should be no mold, solvent, and heavy metals in the extract. Also; it’s important the extract is lab tested.

2. Concentration

You are using topicals to get some relief from your condition. Your product would be of no use to you if you don’t get the desired results. So, it’s important for these cannabis topicals to contain enough cannabinoids to offer some therapeutic effects. 

Cannabis topicals can be used to get pain relief, reducing inflammation, skin repair, and more. So; a minimum of 10 milligrams is required per usage, which can reach up to 25 or even 50. So, how to choose a product based on this information? You must look for a product that has at least 250 mg per ounce. Otherwise, you won’t get the results you are looking for. Also, the lab tests must prove the concentration of cannabinoids in the product.

3. Consistency

The product should be reliable and its effects should be predictable. For this a consistent recipe, dosage, and handling are important. The source of the actual product also plays a crucial role in this. As I mentioned above, it’s important for you to go for a product with a minimum of 250 mg of CBD per ounce. Also, you must choose a product that contains ingredients other than CBD that are of high quality and provide skin nourishment.

You should look for ingredients that are of high standards. Choose a cannabis product just like you choose any other high-end skincare. The ingredients used should be natural, free of any fragrance, and should also be free of preservatives. The product should also be free of artificial ingredients, parabens, mineral oil, petroleum byproducts, and phthalates.

Benefits of CBD Topicals

  1. CBD oil can be used for pain relief.
  2. It is also very useful for psoriasis.
  3. You can use it for dry skin.
  4. You can use CBD balm for eczema also.
  5. You can fight acne with CBD oil.
  6. CBD oil can also reduce wrinkles.