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Greece Handed 26 Medical Marijuana Growers License

You can understand the importance of medical marijuana when a country approves growers license to revive its economy. 

Greece is the country we are talking about here; the new government recently approved 26 new MMJ growers licenses. 

Greece, which suffered a massive debt-crisis in 2009, was bailed out for a total of 364.22 billion USD.

The county is recovering from a grave debt-economy problems. 

Although, medical marijuana is already legal in the country; it still gets most of its mmj from countries like Canada and the United Kingdom. 

Earlier Growers

Greece, a year back at the start of 2018 legalized medical marijuana; at the end of the same year, they agreed on approving two companies for cannabis farming.

The grower’s license generated 770 new jobs in Greece, contributing several billion dollars to the country’s economy. 

By the end of December 2018, the Greek government issued growers license to 26 private companies. 

They Said

According to the official statements of the Greek government, they are very excited about the MMJ and the possibilities it will bring.

One of the top officials was quoted, saying, “We are looking for international investment.”

Greece must be hoping to bag a bunch of Canadian companies for that kind of investment. 

Other Investors

Among other foreign investors, the ancient European country will be attracting, Israel, Netherlands et cetera.

The Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis, himself announced that the country is looking for outland investment. 

But it will be a hard dream for the countries thinking about investment. 

But why?

Because getting a medical marijuana card online, let alone a growers license. 

For the purpose of production and cultivation, a business company must have three separate licenses. 

If the news agencies specialized in the medical marijuana sector are dependable, then, in Greece, there is still a massive confusion about THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

What is Tetrahydrocannabinol Or CBD 

The market is packed with dry flowers. See THC is that component in marijuana, which makes a person high. 

On the other hand, most of the medical marijuana made worldwide is rich in CBD or cannabinoid, which is used solely for medicinal purposes. 

CBD never gives a person a high, anyhow.

Government’s Task is Tougher

The Greek government will have to be on the heels for most of the time because you don’t want stoners to abuse, the medical marijuana card online business. 

See, people can bribe shady doctors for having access to THC abundant medical marijuana. 

This might be the only problem they might be facing, 

First and Second To Get License

Well just for the record, BIOMECANN SA is the first company to get the Greek Growers license (MMJ). 

They invested some 9.5 Euros and creating about 50 jobs. 


The aftermath of the things is that Greece is medical marijuana ready and is fishing for some hundred billion Euros. 

And if they are smart enough and take some precautions, they are gold. 

Plus, people who are suffering from deadly diseases will get easy access to highly reputed medicine.