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Quitting Smoking During COVID-19? Here Are Some Smokeless Options for You

The cannabis industry has incurred some prominent changes since the world began its grapple with COVID-19. Cannabis is now essential, sales have increased, deliveries are more convenient and people now prefer to get a medical marijuana card online. Among all these changes, one that stood out the most among consumers was the knowledge about the risks of smoking cannabis. Facts provided by the WHO point to the probability of smoking leading to complications of COVID-19. Amid such revelations, many cannabis consumers decided to either quit or shift from smoking to a safer method. Knowing the health crisis that reigns the world right now, it is a wise decision. Because even if you are cautious while smoking, it does not end the health risk associated with it.

Either way, if you have decided to prioritize health by leaving smoking in the past, here are some smokeless methods that may be a better choice for you.


The most preferred option for cannabis consumption after smoking are edibles. They are odorless, smokeless and safe to use during the pandemic. 

While smoking involves your respiratory system; edibles are processed by the digestive system. So your lungs do not bear the stress and remain as healthy as they should be. The different body processes may in fact make edibles deliver stronger effects on your body than smoking. This would be a helpful aspect in severe medical conditions like anxiety and chronic pain. 

Most of your preferred online stores or dispensaries will have a variety of edibles for you to choose from. So convenience is an added benefit. These plethora of forms vary from the most common ones like brownies and chocolates to the new creations like popcorn’s and cannabutter. You can say that you’ll get the perfect combination of taste and euphoria.

Along with all the benefits, it is important to look after the safety rules as well. Edibles can be harder to dose than smoking. Also they take longer to show effects on the body than a joint. So you may be tempted to take a few more bites of the edible. But refrain from the temptation as overdose can cause a miserable experience.

Sublingual Strips

Cannabis sublingual strips have recently become one of the many ways of cannabis consumption. These strips are coated with very small doses of cannabinoids. This allows for better dose control and lower chances of overdosing. They are also very convenient to use and offer discreteness to the consumer. You use them by placing one under your tongue. It dissolves within five minutes and starts showing effects within another five to ten minutes.

Sublingual strips offer the benefits of edibles as well as smoking but without the side effects. If you are not up for the long onset of edibles, sublingual may be a better choice. Since you are not ingesting them, the cannabinoids get into the bloodstream from the porous membranes under your tongue. This gives them more bio-availability and allows them to work faster than edibles.

Unlike smoking; no combustion is involved with sublingual strips so you are also safe from the side effects. And you don’t have to worry about the potency of these strips. You will be able to enjoy the same level of potency with sublingual strips as with smoking or vaping.

Transdermal Patches

Transdermal patches have been used in medicine since the 1900s. The same are now used by medical marijuana users. They are coated with a specified amount of cannabinoids which is usually CBD.  These patches are very similar to band-aids. They look like one and are applied in the same way too. You peel them and stick it to your skin. However, the difference lies in the place of application. You do not use them on injuries or irritated skin. For best effects; transdermal patches should be applied on venous areas of the body. This way the cannabinoids are easily absorbed from the patch to the bloodstream.

Transdermal patches allow you to be private about your cannabis indulgence. You can apply one under your clothes and no one will notice.  You can also rely on transdermal patches for stability and efficacy. These patches are dosed accurately so dose control becomes easier. And unlike other delivery methods, cannabinoids do not enter your body all at once. The delivery of cannabinoids is spread over a period of time. So you have a better control of the effects you wish to experience.

Cannabis infused beverages

You may be well aware of the different cannabis edibles available in the market but have you considered trying weed drinks yet? It took some time to create this infusion but with new technologies and experience, weed drinks became a potent and delicious combination.

Weed drinks are a great alternative to smoking and vaping. They also have just as varied options as edibles. Fizzy drinks, coffee, tea, lemonade, tonics and nowadays cannabis beer are some of the many options available in the market. You can find different strain beverages as well. If you have some free time in your quarantine, you can even make one at home.

People who do not have the patience to wait for edibles to kick in can give weed drinks a try. Edibles have to be broken down by the digestive system into a more absorbable form like liquid. This adds to the onset time. But weed drinks bypass this step and work within 30 minutes in the body. So along with deliciousness, you get to enjoy the benefits much faster than edibles.


Topicals are all the cannabis infused creams; oils or sprays that can be applied on the skin for relief. They provide localized relief only. So if you have a back ache, redness, muscle soreness or headache, you can apply topicals on the area directly and find relief.

The best part about topicals is that they are non intoxicating. They have no means to enter your bloodstream so you can enjoy the therapeutic effects without the high. You can also find strain specific topicals in the market. Different ingredients make the effects different with every topical. So you might have to explore different products before finding the perfect one for yourself.

Final Thoughts

Most people have put an end to smoking cannabis. Others have decided to opt for a different delivery method as it is more convenient for people who find medical assistance in cannabis. Thankfully, dozens of alternatives are available for cannabis consumption. So you can leave smoke out of the picture without having to compromise on the experience and therapeutic benefits.