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Bubble Hash: A Small Guide of The Cannabis Concentrate

Bubble Hash is a cannabis concentrate extracted using ice water. Comprising up to 60% THC content, it is deemed to be a very high-quality form of solventless cannabis available in the market today. While it still fails to beat the potency of wax and shatters that carry about 90% THC, it is purer and cleaner than any other cannabis concentrate using solvents like butane. It is composed of millions of trichomes which resemble brown sugar grains and when pressed against each other look like the traditional hash. It gets the name from the bubbles that form when it is smoked. The name also refers to the bubble bags used in its extraction process.

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Types of Bubble Hash

Trim Processed: Generally, it is of a very low quality. Although when derived from a high-quality trim, it can be really good. But that is very rare. They usually take a long time to burn and are dark in color. 

Bud Processed: Bubble hash derived from buds are of very good quality. Yes, there is no guarantee that buds will produce top-quality bubble hash but more often than not you will have a high-quality product in your hand. 

Micron Screen Size: During the process of making bubble hash, the screen size plays a very essential role. The bigger the screen size, the more contaminants will enter the mix. That is why bubble hash sifted from small screens will be purer. 

Potency and Effects

Although not as potent as other concentrates, Bubble Hash boasts about 30-60% THC content. They may not rank that high among other concentrates, they do rank incredibly high among terpenes. 

Due to there high terpene content, people smoking bubble hash experience euphoria. Owing to its solventless nature and it being purely THC, you will not experience a hangover with Bubble Hash. 

Tips For Making Bubble Hash

It is somewhat rare which basically means it is going to be a little costly. Two years ago, it would have been really difficult to find it in any store but today its presence has considerably increased. Nevertheless, you will probably want to make it by yourself rather than going on a Bubble Hash hunt. Here are some tips that will help you: 

Extremely Cold Water

The significance of Bubble Hash is that it is made with icy water that is a must to separate the cannabinoids from the herb. As trichomes are not water-soluble, they get mixed with the ice water. Also, make sure when you are making Bubble Hash, you are in a cold room and using as much purified ice as possible. In case you use Bubble Hash washer, ensure that it is properly insulated.


To make a high-quality product, you need the ingredients to be of top-shelf quality as well. Similarly, when you are making Bubble Hash, you need high-grade cannabis. We recommend a cannabis strain rich in resin and terpenes. 

Purity of Water

To make good quality Bubble Hash, you need to ensure that the water you are using is as pure as possible. Purified water does not contain chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine. In case you use tap water, your bubble hash will have a nasty chemical taste. 

Freeze Dryer

A freeze dryer may cost a little but it is worth it. It actually reduced the drying and processing time from days to simply hours. Usually, it takes about a week to fully dry which somewhat also affects the quality. But with a dryer, it saves you a lot of time. 

Final Thoughts

A major part of the population believes that Bubble Hash is a safer method than other concentrates that use solvents in the extraction process. If you decide to make Bubble Hash, you will have a premium quality THC product that you can consume only in small quantities. Do share your thoughts and experience making Bubble Hash with us.