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The Most Important Tips For The First Time Cannabis Smokers

We all are familiar with the popularity of cannabis across the United States. More and more people are now using cannabis in legal states. And a lot of people are thinking of trying cannabis for the first time. If you are one of them, you are in the right place. Whether you are thinking of smoking cannabis for medical use or recreational use, I’d like to congratulate you on your decision. You can now also get a medical cannabis card online to buy medical cannabis for managing your health condition.

As I mentioned above, you are at the right place if you are thinking of smoking cannabis for the first time. There are some things that you should learn about before starting to smoke cannabis. I can understand how you must be feeling right now. When I was about to smoke cannabis for the first time, I was very nervous and had various questions in mind – “how is it going to affect me? What if I end up getting too high? What will happen after I smoke it?” If you are also feeling the same way, I’m here to help you. Here is a list of some of the best tips that are going to help when you are thinking of smoking cannabis for the first time. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it!

Tip 1. Do Not Keep Too Many Expectations

The first tip that I want to give is, not to keep too many expectations. You can never be sure how cannabis is going to affect you. This is especially true when it is your first time. Cannabis affects everyone in a different way. When smoking the same strain, some may get too high, while others may not even feel anything.

The effects of cannabis depend on various factors. The major factors include-

  • Your tolerance level
  • Your surroundings
  • Whether or not you are comfortable with the people around you
  • Your mood

So, there is no surety of how it is going to affect you. That is why you should not expect anything when smoking cannabis for the first time. Chances are that you and your friend is not going to experience the same effects even if you both are smoking the same strain.

Tip 2. Drink Water Before Beginning to Smoke

Keeping yourself hydrated is very important when smoking cannabis. One of the most common side effects of smoking cannabis is cottonmouth or dry mouth. This is why it is always a better idea to keep a bottle of water with you when smoking cannabis. Rehydrating yourself will help you deal with dry mouth. It is even better to pre-hydrate yourself. That is why you should drink water even before you begin to smoke cannabis.

Also, you don’t have to worry about these common side effects like dry mouth. These effects are temporary. Everything will return to being normal as soon as THC in your system is worn off.

Tip 3. Do Not Smoke Cannabis Alone

This is a very important tip for beginners. This is your first time, so you are not familiar with how cannabis is going to affect you. This is why you should smoke cannabis with someone you trust and has experience with cannabis. This person can be your friend or a family member. As this is your first time, you probably don’t know how to roll a joint. So, this person can help you with that by rolling a joint for you.

A sensible person will also help you figure out when you have consumed enough cannabis. And even if you manage to get too high, this person can help you stay calm. This way, you can stay grounded when you feel overwhelmed by the effects of cannabis.


When smoking cannabis for the first time, you should keep these tips in mind. These tips will help you have a better cannabis smoking experience. Also, always start slow and with a low dosage. This way you can also get familiar with your tolerance level and understand how much you can smoke.