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This Valentine’s Day, Make Medical Marijuana Your Valentine!

“I want to MARRY-YOU-ANNA! I want to MARRY-YOU-ANNA!” exclaimed David.

“Aah! Umm…we’re just friends David. I don’t see you more than that!”


David is heart-broken! He had planned so much for this Valentine’s Day. Tough luck! Are you on the same page as David? No worries! I’ve got something really exciting to tell you.

Excited? Are you looking for a permanent valentine for yourself? What if I tell your future valentine is smokin’ hot and downright gorgeous?

I can sense your growing excitement and honestly, I do feel happy sharing this to you!

Do this! Erase the ‘ I want to MARRY-YOU-ANNA thought’.

Instead, this Valentine’s Day make ‘ Marijuana’ your valentine!

And, hey! Can you hear that?

Listen closely!

Marijuana is saying something.


You can’t deny that! That’s so adorable.

You’re damn lucky! Trust me, marijuana is the best valentine you’ll ever have!

What makes marijuana a perfect valentine?

How many people do you know who are in a perfectly healthy relationship? To be specific—in a mutually satisfying relationship! Very few right? The current dating scenario is getting out of hand. People are getting demanding and seem to have lost the meaning of love.

Cannabis is different! She’s got no demands. In fact, she is only suited to give you—health and happiness!

Let me tell you what she has to offer:

1) Medical marijuana can make you fitter. People who use cannabis are usually slimmer than the rest. Cannabis is known to regulate insulin production in the body and thus helps in regulating the caloric intake.

See! She is so worried about your health. Feeling lucky yet?

2) Are you the type who is often depressed? Throw that out in the bin. Cannabis is here! It is known to regulate and restore the normal endocannabinoid function in the body which enhances the mood and reduces depression.

So, keep that depression at bay!

3) Cannabis is a much safer option than alcohol and drugs. Along with the mood-enhancing benefits, it is also non-addictive and safe to use.

Cannabis is a keeper. She keeps you safe!

4) Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases plaguing the world at the moment. Cannabis has magical properties which have shown to prevent the cancer cells from spreading. A study by Molecular Cancer Therapeutics shows that cannabidiol prevents the spread of cancer by shutting off a gene called ID-1. Experiments were conducted for breast cancer, and cancerous cells containing ID-1 significantly reduced when treated with cannabidiol.

Marijuana is mighty strong! She ain’t afraid of anyone!

5) Pain is often associated with a lot of medical conditions. The pain is not only unbearable but also disrupts the daily physical activities, emotions and leisure activities. Nevermind, cannabis has got it all covered. Cannabis contains cannabinoids which connect directly with the brain and help in easing the pain.

She can’t see you in pain. How cute is that!

6) Medical marijuana ensures you have a healthy appetite. Loss of appetite is associated with a number of medical conditions including HIV/AIDs, depression, anorexia and chronic nausea. Cannabis is known to increase the appetite ensuring your body receives the right nutrition and you are not underweight.

I’m sure of one thing—you’ll never sleep hungry if you have cannabis by your side!

7) Marijuana knocks out nightmares and helps you sleep better. If you’re a PTSD patient, nightmares might be a pretty common occurrence. This disrupts the normal sleeping cycle and fuels unpleasant dreams.

Research shows that cannabis reduces nightmares and aids better sleep. Even if you’re not a PTSD patient, marijuana induces a pleasing sleep.

Marijuana is not just your partner, she’s a lullaby who’ll lull you to sleep and pleasant dreams!

8) Are you a heavy tobacco smoker who is worried about your lung health? No issues!

A study by the American Medical Association suggests that marijuana significantly improves  lung function and capacity. In fact, people who smoke marijuana are known to have a better lung function that non- smokers. Marijuana trains your lungs to work better.

So, take a deep breath in. Deeper! Come on! You can do more. Marijuana is with you!

9) Marijuana is known to increase your creativity. You will no longer be a bland and boring person. Cannabis gives rise to personality traits that make you more creative and comparatively think deeper.

Be prepared to have a happening life ahead. Marijuana is surely adding a different dimension to your personality!

10) Marijuana helps to increase athletic performance. In fact, people who indulge in heavy workouts report quicker recovery as marijuana relaxes the muscles and reduces the soreness. Overall, it boosts athletic capability and stamina.

Look! Marijuana is so worried about you. She wants to make you stronger!

I am sure by now you have ditched the thought of marrying any Annas you may have. Remember the name ‘MARIJUANA’. She is too good. Valentine’s Day is for love and marijuana will love you in a million possible ways, make you happier and healthier!

Shhh! Listen closely. I can hear that again.


*Hell yes!*

Congratulations! You have landed yourself a jack-POT!

This Valentine’s Day is all cheers to a HIGH time!

THC-you later!