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Colorado Teens Are Rejecting Smoking for Weed Edibles: Claims an August 2019 Study

A study published in JAMA Pediatrics is bringing a new ray of hope for all the parents of Colorado thanks to weed edibles. 

Most of the parents in America are worried ever since the war on drugs started about their teen smoking marijuana. Guess what? They are not doing it anymore; well, some of them aren’t. 

The number of teenagers smoking marijuana is down by as large as 10%.  

On the one hand, when parents are happy, the other they are worried about the alternative they are choosing. 

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The Edibles in Trend

Yes, the adolescents are rejecting smoking hash, but they are now favouring edible cannabis products

Important to mention here is that marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado for adults. 

Smoking or consumption of cannabis of any kind is still illegal, in Colorado for teenagers. 

As per the fresh study, 78% of the students from Colorado high school, who were consuming marijuana in the year 2017 claimed they were smoking it. 

The percentage is obviously still on the higher side, but the good news is that it is 9% lesser than the previous record.

A 2015 study was claiming that 87% of the marijuana user teenagers were smoking it. 

What Are they doing Now then?

Well, the JAMA Paediatrics study also claims that now, the momentum is steadily shifting towards weed edibles. 

The edible consumption is witnessing the rise of 8% from 2% to 10% in just two years. 

Weed Edibles

However, what are these weed edibles, we are talking about? 

Cannabis edibles or as they like to like call it, cannabis-infused food are food products having cannabis in them. 

Tetrahydrocannabinol is the primary strain present in these products. Not to mention, that Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the marijuana strain that makes one high. 

Edible can be a drink too, but they often call it “liquid edible”. 

These things are in the market to make people feel relaxed, increasing their appetite, and resolving issues like fatigue and anxiety. 


There is always a but, right? Of course! The red light catches fire with the news of an increase in dabbing teens breaks with this study. 

From 4% of teenagers who are smoking marijuana, now the number after an increase is 7.5%. 

Okay, so here is the thing about dapping. Consumers are heating up THC rich wax and inhaling the vapors.

What makes it so dangerous is that THC levels in these waxes are around 80-90%. 

Such high levels of THC are good for no one; there are cases in the state for dapping OD too.

Ending It Up

In Colorado, adults over 21 only can purchase from the dispensaries or make purchases or get a cannabis card renewal, by themselves. 

Saddening part is from the teenagers that are using MMJ products; mere 3% accepted they got it from dispensaries. 

If 40% of MMJ using teens are to trust someone else were buying it for them. Some also claimed that an adult family member gave it those.