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What Doctors Want to Say About Coronavirus And Cannabis?

The world is yet to find an antidote for this noxious infection, which is spreading like a fire. In the meantime, people are looking for holistic ways to minimize the risk of COVID-19. Without a doubt, cannabis is one of the preferred ways to lessen the risk, followed by thousands—the reason why cannabis sales are skyrocketing even when the world economy is plummeting. You would relate to this if you went for 420 evaluations in Anaheim during lockdown to use cannabis as a medical aid.

Now, let’s get back to the main subject. Because of the growing favor of cannabis as a cure for viral infection, doctors are finding it tough to let people understand the complications of using marijuana. For starters, smoking of any kind is discouraged by health experts. Yet, people using medical or recreational cannabis are so inclined towards smoking, inhaling, or vaping marijuana. Remember, we don’t have a lot to go on, be it coronavirus or cannabis. But, one must be aware of the harmful consequences before adopting any method as a means to strengthen your protection cover.

So, let’s take out some time to see what doctors have to say about cannabis and coronavirus.

Smoking is Contagious. Can you Shift to Other Forms of Marijuana?

A lot is being said about cannabis smoking. Thousands of articles are out there, notifying about its adverse effects. But that’s not the point anymore. Everyone understands the fact that “Smoking Kills.” But what people are eager to know is, “Can cannabis edibles replace smoking?” or “What forms of cannabis won’t impact our health?”

If you are referring to the use of cannabis for COVID-19, no one knows as of now. But, on a general note, MMJ doctors believe that choosing options like edibles, sublingual, concentrates, oils, transdermal patches, and topicals, using them as an option to manage your health conditions won’t be a bad idea after all.

But, if you are looking out for such options to relieve the COVID-19 symptoms, it won’t be a responsible thing to do. Having said that, you must understand micro-dosing is the key to alleviate your symptoms. That way, you can avoid the euphoria or the paranoia of certain THC dominant strains.

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Can Cannabis Relieve Anxiety?

Those who are against using marijuana as an anxiolytic are forgetting that CBD is a part of cannabis. And whether you like it or not, the cannabis industry is already promoting CBD-rich products and strains to avoid precisely that notion.

In fact, a study confirms that endocannabinoids play a vital role in reducing anxiety-inducing connections between the amygdala and frontal cortex. That’s how one can prove that medical marijuana can relieve stressful triggers. So, if the thought of euphoria makes you a little murky, try using CBD-dominant products.

Or look for strains with higher terpene content. The last few years have reformed the image of terpenes from mere flavor or aroma inducer to something that has immense potential as a therapeutic aid. Research supports the idea that terpenes have medicinal effects and can help people fight against the fear of the unknown. But, it’s vital to obtain your 420 evaluations Anaheim for purchasing potent strains for your choice.

Can Cannabis Affect Your Immune System?

Given the current craze over the pandemic, everyone is busy finding supplements that can build a healthy immune system. And quite evidently, people are using cannabis more prominently to protect their immune system against the deadly virus.

There is an intriguing piece of evidence showing that cannabis might be responsible for lowering the production of inflammatory immune cells. So, it might halt the “cytokine storm.” But, it is essential to note that cannabis is a biphasic molecule. In other words, it’s a molecule that can modulate the immune system depending on the situation.

So, no one knows its impact in a large group if one is expecting immunosuppressant effects. That’s why doctors suggest patients confirm every source of information, instead of falling into the trap.

Note: Cannabis does not kill coronavirus. There is no evidence to prove that fact.

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Cannabis And Coronavirus: Points to Remember

The internet is going berserk with the ongoing events happening in the world. So, there can be a few instances where you might hear something about the coronavirus vaccine, or cannabis as a cure for the COVID-19 infection. But, instead of falling into such doubtful statements, keep a note of a few points. Here it goes.

  1. Considering the ill-effects of smoking, we recommend you stop inhaling or vaping cannabis products. There’s always a next time.
  2. If you live in a legal cannabis state, switch to other healthier options. But, use only in moderation, especially if you are going to use edibles (they contain higher sugar content). Also, they have a terrible reputation for making you a bit tipsy. So, go slow and low when it comes to consuming edibles.
  3. The effects of cannabis on the immune system are yet to be confirmed. So, if you find anyone talking about its antiviral properties, do one thing. IGNORE IT. 
  4. Consider other means to relieve your stress rather than relying only on cannabis. You can try exercise, nutrition, meditation, or social interactions. You can also try giving your body ample rest. Studies confirm quality sleeping is the best way to keep your immune system healthy. 
  5. Reach out to a professional providing 420 evaluations Anaheim if you want to use cannabis as a medical aid.

Key Takeaways

The COVID-19 is like a maelstrom that’s affecting the lives of billions in diverse ways. Some lost their jobs. Others are worrying about the extended lockdown. A few others are feeling helpless because of the shuttering of non-essential businesses. The reasons can be many. But the results are the same, stress, anxiety, depression, anger, a lot more.

Although we can’t say the same for cannabis since it’s still functioning amid the crisis, however, it’s not immune to the impacts of the ongoing pandemic either. However, those relying on marijuana for medicinal purposes or those who are looking for 420 evaluations Anaheim, let me get this straight.

Use marijuana only to manage your current health conditions. Using it as a vaccine or a cure for coronavirus won’t help you in any way. And while doing so, wash your hands for 20 seconds frequently. And maintain social distancing whenever you have to leave your home.