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What is Microdosing and How it is Helping the Cause of Marijuana

Welcome to the new America! Here we can rely upon our laws to keep at least medical marijuana available. Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states of the USA. But, till the rest of the states will have MMJ as a legal drug; the sword will keep on dangling. Cannabis haters are trying their hardest to make the majority believe that medicinal cannabis is just a thinly veiled pleasure drug. In such times, canna-patients have come up with a new method that will shush the haters down. The method will also make you feel proud while going for your next medical marijuana card renewal.

But What is Microdosing?

As the name is suggesting, microdosing is a method in which patients would intake little amounts of cannabis to get medical profits of cannabis. In this practice, usually, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is in use. THC is the component from the cannabis plant that has those psychoactive effects that will summon that “high” state in a person. High doses of THC can stone any person out of his/her mind. THC or the high effect is the primary reason behind some of the Americans and a lot of American state’s non-approval of cannabis as a medicine and recreational drug.

Why Are Small Doses of Cannabis Actually Good For you?

When they say small is good, they were not lying, at least about cannabis. Cannabis is like a box of mixed sweets; you never know what you are going to get. For some people, even two big fat joints of cannabis or 15 mg of THC high canna-oil will be nothing, but for some, it may mean two days of terror and hallucinations. Marijuana is notorious for triggering anxieties in sporadic cases. And this is the reason why doctors and experts are not very sure about prescribing higher doses of medical marijuana. This is also the reason why you should always experiment with moderate cannabis medicines at the starting of any cannabis medicine course.

We have Medical Proofs

A lot of patients are now enjoying microdosing practice to manage depression, pain, anxiety, insomnia, and stress like conditions. This method is also best in use for promoting focus in many users. There is not a lot of research available on issues related to cannabis. But there is one supporting the benefits of the microdosing technique of marijuana. A 2012 study done by Science Direct says that patients who were in advanced stages of cancer were given a THC and CBD based compound; nabiximols. These patients were irresponsive to traditional painkillers but, low doses of cannabinoids helped them to reduce the pain drastically. This study went to the extent of saying that the drug worked as a painkiller for only those people who were given low doses. Meanwhile, people who were given high doses ended up in more pain.

How Low?

Microdosing is a very personal choice and method, as explained in the blog earlier, marijuana works differently for all. But for the starters, a person can experiment with 2.5 g of dose. This can be the lower bar, while upper being somewhere around 5 g.

Ending Note

Mircodosing can shut the haters up, and we have discussed how it will do it. So, next time when a Mari hater may call you a stoner for using medical marijuana, throw this blog on his or her face and go for your medical marijuana card renewal with proud. This method will also save a couple of bucks for you, hence, a win-win.