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Cannabis Dispensaries Deemed as “Essential Services” During Outbreak

The whole world is under lockdown. Doctors and scientists all over the globe are requesting to start practicing social distancing. Even malls, shopping centers, and a lot of retail businesses have been asked to close down. At this point, you start fearing what will happen to my medicine. Can I still use a medical marijuana card online for the purchase of my cannabis strains?

I know that’s what you’re thinking, right?

Clearly, the government understands your condition and implying specific guidelines for the same. For instance, Los Angeles County announced that cannabis dispensaries would be deemed as essential services along with government services, grocery stores, and hardware stores.

What a relief. Isn’t it?

Naturally, people are panicking for the essential services during this lockdown period. So, different states of America are making it possible to ensure that they don’t miss out on anything that might affect the daily lives of millions of people. And it’s not only Los Angeles that’s allowing medical marijuana sales during the Covid-19 outbreak. More states and local officials are following similar practices. That’s how none of the medical marijuana patients would be devoid of their medicine at any time. 

What does this tell us?

Such steps prove that the government is concerned about the cannabis industry. And cannabis dispensaries are more critical than any restaurant, bars, or non-essential shops which are closing down. Let me explain some of the latest government announcements that you must be aware of in these distressing times. Remember, you need to follow guidelines so that the Covid-19 outbreak contains right here. 

Latest Government Announcements 

Even a temporary closure could be devastating for the cannabis businesses who are working on developing novel consumption methods. And that does not end there. Thousands of cannabis patients would have to turn to pharmaceuticals that were not working for them. It could result in any healthcare failure on the whole. 

Keeping that in mind, a lot of states and government officials are continuing the services of MMJ dispensaries for patients who are suffering from chronic pain, epilepsy, or any other debilitating health condition. Here are a few tactic announcements put together to help you find if you can access your medical marijuana card online or not. 

  • The New York State Department of Health declared that anyone involved in the medical cannabis business wouldn’t shut down during this crisis period. 
  • Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced that all the non-essential businesses would close down for 30 days. However, licensed cannabis stores can remain open as long as they adhere to strict social distancing protocols. However, consumers are advised to make use of cannabis delivery services online to avoid any exposure. 
  • The San Francisco government ordered the closure of any businesses. However, they allowed cannabis stores to open only for delivery services.
  • Many states have asked the dispensaries to expand their marijuana delivery services. That’s how patients won’t have to visit any store to pick their medicines. It would be an effective measure to prevent any spread.

Make no mistake about it. Stay Home, stay safe.

All things considered!! Advocacy groups and other medical experts are urging other governments to follow similar practices so that patients won’t be denied their essential needs amidst the Covid-19 outbreak.

Bottom Line

Cutting off marijuana dispensaries could mark a “disaster.” And the country is not in the right mindset to cater to other havoc in the middle of this exponentially growing pandemic. So, the governments need to act smart and start working towards means that will help patients get access to their basic needs using a medical marijuana card online.

However, the same rule won’t be applied for recreational sales of marijuana. Therefore, it’s high time that you must avail your MMJ card using telehealth services to manage your symptoms effectively. Otherwise, the lockdown might cause severe disruptions in your life.

On the other hand, we urge the government to take the right steps for enforcing guidelines to keep cannabis as “essential service” since thousands of patients depend on cannabis medications for managing their daily life.

Practice social distancing and be safe.