Tips to Get Rid of Marijuana Smell

How to Get Rid of Marijuana Smell?

Smoking marijuana is all fun and therapeutic until you get judgemental stares and unwanted attention. Even if you are smoking marijuana precisely for medical reasons, have appeared for 420 medical evaluations, and hold a reliable MMJ Card, depending on the circumstances, the smell can create issues for you. You may like the smell but your neighbor might not and you cannot expect them to adjust, can you? It’s always better to be prepared and have a few things at hand at all times so that you can hide or get rid of the odor especially when you are in public.

Use a Mouth Freshener

First and the foremost area that will be required to be taken care of is your mouth. You smoked and anyone will get to know the minute you open your mouth. It is always recommended to brush your teeth after smoking. But that isn’t, unfortunately, possible all the time. You can use peppermint, gums, mouth freshener sprays, whatever you like the most and just mask that weed smell.

There is a common misconception that smoking flavored strains of marijuana won’t leave you with the obvious weed smell. Well, that is absolutely wrong. No matter what flavor you inhaled, you exhaled weed and it smells exactly like it is supposed to, weed. It is as important to mask the smell after smoking flavored strains as it is after smoking regular weed.

Clean Your Hands

If you are someone who likes rolling their own joints, you know what your fingers feel, smell, and look like. Even if you are smoking pre-rolls, cigarettes or joints and blunts rolled by someone else, your hands are most likely going to smell like weed. You may not notice it because obviously, you can smell weed all around you but once you get out of that place, people can suspect weed through your hands. You can wash your hands with soap and water if you have access to it. Otherwise, use a sanitizer to get rid of the weed residual and its smell. Don’t forget to moisturize your hands after using sanitizer, you will most definitely need it.

Change Your Clothes

Especially if you smoke in a closed zone, creating a ‘hotbox’, your clothes will have a very strong odor of marijuana. It is better to pre-plan everything so that you can smoke, take a shower, change clothes and leave your place as nothing happened. But it is not possible all the time and we understand that. So, what you can do is either remove a layer of clothing and keep it out of the place where you are smoking, say in another room, or you can simply wear an extra layer that you can remove after your session. This way you won’t have a lingering smell all over your clothes.

However, this won’t completely save you from the odor so don’t forget to wear cologne or perfume afterward.

Smoke Upwind

Another way of avoiding the smell lingering on your clothes is by smoking upwind. When you smoke downwind, you simply direct the smoke towards yourself and it gets soaked into your clothes. By smoking upwind, that is by tilting your head upwards while whaling you can simply direct the smoke away from yourself and it won’t leave the odor on you. Obviously, you cannot completely avoid getting the odor by just smoking upwind but this method can reduce the strength of the smell by a lot and it can later make masking the odor easier.

Tie Your Hair

People with long hair need to take care of their hair beforehand. The smell can get absorbed in your hair and can linger on for pretty long. It is always better to tie your hair before smoking or at least get them out of your way. This may seem an unnecessary step but people can smell weed through your hair pretty easily and tying your hair is an easier alternative to washing it after the session.

Use Eye Drops

If you are someone who gets bloodshot eyes after smoking weed you need to address it. Now, it is not going to get rid of the smell but this is a very visible and obvious effect of smoking marijuana. While getting rid of the smell might be your priority, don’t forget your eyes is all we are saying. Use eye drops after smoking marijuana so that you can get rid of the redness and irritation. Smoking marijuana can cause dry mouth and if your mouth is dry, so are your eyes. It is important to take your eyes into consideration.

Also, if you wear contact lenses, don’t forget to use lens solutions. Dry eyes can lead to dry lenses and that can be a painful situation to be in.

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Take Care of Ventilation

If you are smoking inside your house, always open a window or two so that you don’t end up creating a hotbox. When you create a hotbox you are more likely to end up smelling like weed. Ventilation will allow you to exhale in the open air and not get the smoke all over yourself. This way you can direct the smoke and in turn the smell away from you. Moreover, it will even save you from the potential side effects of hotboxing. Lack of oxygen can lead to some serious issues and it will certainly affect people around you as well.


Smoking marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes is very common but the stigma is still prominent. Even if it is not about the stigma, not everyone is comfortable with the marijuana smell and it is important to acknowledge someone’s comfort and conditions. In fact, some people themselves don’t like the smell of weed even though they choose to smoke marijuana for managing symptoms and health conditions. The least one can do is mask the smell after smoking marijuana. But if you want to do better and completely avoid marijuana smell, marijuana-infused edibles and oils are always there. You can simply opt for a different consumption method and enjoy the benefits of marijuana without dealing with its smell.