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Thanks To Illegal Cannabis Cultivation, The Environment May Be In Danger

It deemed it is not prudent to say anything, as long as the illegal face of cannabis is open to question. Especially when illegal cannabis cultivation is thriving under a veil. Though we can all agree, this situation too has two sides. But eventually, the one that adheres to strict policies has to face the brunt.

This is why it will be right to say that not all cannabis growers are ignoring the environment. Instead, several raids are carried out in the state of California every year. Law enforcement personnel are chopping down illegal cultivation and also continuously seizing raw and processed cannabis.

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Though some are of the opinion that ending prohibition can curtail the black market. But with little or no consideration for the environment, it is more vital to see how illegal methods are burdening the environment.

Chemicals Jeopardizing the Environment

The problem entails immediate action. This is why law authorities are regularly curtailing cannabis growers. Now, usually, people who grow cannabis illegally do not pay attention to all the facets.

To save the crop from insects, rodents, and pests they use an excessive amount of chemicals. The insecticides and pesticides used for the same purpose seep deep into water resources.

The same water is being used by most Californians on a regular basis. Also, the same water is home to amphibians and aquatic animals.

Moreover, due to a lack of perspective and the intention to grow cannabis to generate revenue. The chemicals are added carelessly and the products after not disposed of after use.

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Waste Produced after Cannabis Cultivation is Disposed of Carelessly

Marijuana cultivation produces a good amount of garbage. Though the waste produced in the form of hoses and fertilizers is affecting the environment largely.

Recently, a staggering amount of hoses were dumped and found unattended. Therefore, the amount of plastic that was left open in the forests had a major impact on the environment.

If we state this in figures, it will amount to 50,000 people dumping on the same spot regularly. That too California is only one state. So it will be safe to say that waste disposal by illegal growers is a major concern.

It is also important to note that illegal cultivators will not incentivize environmental-friendly factors. They will rather cultivate for production and personal benefits. So the question of handling the site properly can definitely go out of the window.

Practises of Deforestation

Illegal businesses in California are thriving under the shadow of dense forests. The environment is definitely being compromised. There are reports published around the same topic. So, the effect is to the extent that trees are being chopped down regularly.

Now, trees are chopped to make room for sunlight. It is an unfortunate solution but the dense canopy will not allow the growth of cannabis plants. Eventually, the magnificent trees that add beauty to the forest have to pay the price.

In illegal cannabis cultivation, the motive is to hide it from the legal authorities – the cultivator chooses a centerpiece, plants the strain and expands the territory.

Hence, all the shade-loving plants face an intimidating threat. The soil loosens and the quality of soil is further deteriorated by added fertilizers. In the end, putting a full stop to such practices remains the only solution.

As responsible American citizens, we all need to understand that we love the earth. This is our planet. Illegal growth hampers the environment. Nobody wants to be a part of the 49 arrests made by the law enforcement personnel last week.

So, if you think growing medical marijuana is going to help treat your condition. Do not wait for the federal laws to lift the ban. Instead, get a medical marijuana card online and reap the benefits of cannabis.