Cannabis Withdrawal

Everything You Need to Learn About Cannabis Withdrawal

Cannabis feels like magic! It’s the best thing ever! That’s what most people say but that’s not always the case. For a large chunk of the population, it’s still a drug. In fact, federal law clubs it under the Schedule-1 drugs.

There is no doubt that cannabis has all the medicinal benefits but you need to take the right dose to indulge in the beneficial effects of cannabis. Well, most people don’t do that. They overdo it and that’s where they miss the math. Believe it or not but cannabis can make you dependent on it. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) mentions that 1 out of 10 Americans who use the herb have the capacity to get addicted. The chance increases if you start using cannabis before the age of 18.

This is the reason why people are advised to seek professional help. Even if you are considering using cannabis to improve your health, always apply for a Medical Marijuana Card Anaheim. The doctors will help you with the right information and guide you so that you know exactly how to proceed.

Now, what if you stop using cannabis? Well, if you’re a heavy user, chances are that you’ll feel the withdrawal symptoms.

An Overview of Cannabis Withdrawal

Most heavy cannabis smokers don’t realize that they are actually getting addicted to the herb. Usually, addiction is synonymous with heavy drugs like cocaine. When you plan to quit them, they produce withdrawal symptoms that can alter your basic body mechanisms. Similarly, if you quit cannabis abruptly, it can produce withdrawal symptoms.

Duke University studied the effect of cannabis on 496 heavy smokers. It was observed that 95.5% of individuals had at least one withdrawal symptom. People who smoked cannabis on a regular basis had a higher chance of withdrawal. Although the symptoms of cannabis withdrawal are not harsh as the hard drugs, they can still induce trouble in your life.

Symptoms of Cannabis Withdrawal


Most marijuana smokers have a hard time believing that when they indulge in heavy cannabis use, it can get them addicted. Now, when you give up abruptly, you are bound to feel the effects. Most people report having a constant craving in the early phase of abstinence. Well, according to one study, approximately 75% of people who tried to quit cannabis had a strong craving to use the herb again.


When you’re under the influence of cannabis, you feel relaxed and calm. When you stop using it all of a sudden, your body does not know how to react. There is a sense that you’re missing something. This gives rise to anger, annoyance, and aggression. People tend to get impatient and everything seems like a challenge.


Cannabis is used to manage a lot of health conditions. Anxiety is one of them. Cannabis can make you feel calm and super happy. Well, the absence of that source of therapy can also trigger anxiety in you. People who quit cannabis feel highly anxious and worried. Normal life situations seem challenging and you don’t really know how to respond to pressure. Some individuals even report hallucinations and delusions.

Sleep Issues

There is no doubt that cannabis works as a great sleep remedy. The main reason cannabis works is because it relaxes your mind and brings a sense of ease. Honestly, a clear head is what you need before sleeping. Using cannabis brings a sense of mental clarity that is great. When you regularly use cannabis as a sleep remedy, it can make you dependent on it. You won’t be able to sleep without it. When you stop using cannabis, it can induce vivid and unpleasant dreams. Also, night sweat is something that is a common withdrawal symptom.

What Causes the Withdrawal Symptoms?

When you use cannabis regularly, your body becomes accustomed to the feeling of high and relaxation. If we look at the brain, it becomes habitual to the regular supply of the psychoactive compound THC. When you stop that supply, your brain is not able to adjust to this change. This gives rise to the unpleasant symptoms that are evident in the form of various problems in the body. If you don’t look at a solution, things can definitely get worse.

Contact an Expert

If you’re having trouble quitting cannabis, it’s always better to consult an expert cannabis doctor. The doctor can evaluate your body and help you follow the right approach towards using cannabis judiciously for your health. The doctor has the expertise and experience to guide you effectively towards good health.

Most people self-dose and don’t realize that enhanced consumption can cause more harm than good. So, it’s always better to take a dose that works towards benefiting your body. The herb has great medicinal potential. So, it’s logical that you shouldn’t overdo it. Use it judiciously and you can indulge in an ideal cannabis experience. The herb surely has a bright future provided we don’t put it in a bad light!