Grow Marijuana at Home

How Is Growing Your Own Medical Marijuana Going to Help You?

If you have been using medical marijuana as per the recommendation of your medical marijuana doctor, growing your own cannabis is the next step towards therapy and betterment. While gardening in itself has several benefits to offer, growing marijuana for medical purposes is going to be even more beneficial. However, we are not going to tell you that it is an easy or simple process. Growing cannabis can be tricky but the results shall be worth the struggle.

Benefits of Growing Your Own Marijuana

Someone who is familiar with the cost and expenses of purchasing medical marijuana would have considered growing their own marijuana at least once. Well, whatever be the reason that stopped you from pursuing, we have compiled a few benefits that will help you make a better decision this time.

Save Money

Starting with the obvious and one of the most influential benefits. Growing cannabis is going to save you a significant amount of money. The cost of growing your own plant is not even close to what your local dispensary generally charges for a very limited quantity of stash. You will be saving a lot of your money and of course time as you will save yourself from regular trips to the dispensary.

Experiment With Strains

Growing your own cannabis allows you to experiment with the plants and produce something completely different from what is available in the market. Now, this may or may not work in your favor but growing your own cannabis and experimenting is always going to give you this sense of happiness and achievement which is as important as trying, failing, and trying again.

However, let’s not presume that your experiment will fail, it has an equal probability of working out and it’ll be a huge success.

Maintain the Quality of Your Weed

When you are growing your own weed, you know what chemicals you are putting in it and hence know what you can expect out of it. Growing your own plant means you can always keep the quality of the bud in check. The more you take care of your plants, the better flowers you shall harvest. The best thing is, you will be responsible for the quality and there is nothing you would do to sabotage yourself and your own experience.

Gardening Is Therapeutic

Now, this is a general gardening benefit but combine the therapeutic benefits of gardening with the therapeutic properties of cannabis you will be harvesting and calculate what is more beneficial, gardening or growing marijuana? You get benefits of two in one. Even if you are not consuming marijuana for a mental health condition, there is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and keeping your mental health in check. Therapy and focusing on a hobby are important for literally each and every individual out there. And gardening or growing cannabis can become your hobby or a therapeutic activity that is going to help you in a number of ways.

Save Yourself From Running Out of Stash

When you have your own plant there is the least possibility that you will run out of the stash. It isn’t very uncommon to run out of the stash. A lot of people can relate to this situation where they thought they had enough flowers but once they started crushing, they had to make a quick trip to the closest dispensary or had to adjust with whatever they had in hand. Well, growing your own cannabis can save you from such situations and adjustments. You will mostly have surplus weed available on hand.

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How to Find the Right Marijuana Seeds?

As aforementioned, growing cannabis is not easy as a lot of people may suggest. It is a tricky process and finding the right seeds, to begin with, can be the trickiest part.

Seeds are quite literally the base of your plant and if you intend to have a healthy plant, you will have to start by investing in the right seeds. But as a beginner, how would you know if the seeds are good or not? Well, there are a few ways in which you can determine the quality of seeds.

First and foremost shall be by looking at the seeds.

  • Healthy seeds that can promise quality are usually brown in color. It can have different shades of brown and patterns on it but the base shall be brown and that is what you should be looking for.
  • Secondly, the right shape of marijuana seeds is the drop shape. It may vary in size, both small and large-sized seeds can be healthy, but if they have a different shape, they may not be as optimal and can be flawed.
  • Thirdly, healthy seeds have a waxy coating on them. They will have a slight shimmer. If your seeds look dull and lack a wax coating, they are not healthy and may not be right for growing cannabis.
  • Lastly, the seeds should not have cracks on their surface. If you can get your hands over a magnifying glass, consider looking on the surface of the seeds if there is white dust or powder on them. It is probably fungus and seeds that have this powder may not promise you a healthy plant.

To conclude, dark-colored seeds that have a tear-drop shape and optimal size with no cracks or fungus are healthy and should be used for growing cannabis at home.

If you are still not sure about the quality of seeds, try testing them with water.

Simply put your seeds in water and let it rest for around 1-2 hours. The seeds that sink are healthy whereas those floating are of bad quality. However, it is important to keep in mind that the water testing method is suitable only if you are ready to germinate the seeds.

Final Words

There are several benefits of growing your own cannabis especially if you are consuming cannabis for medical reasons. However, before considering growing cannabis at your place, we recommend learning your state and county laws. Also, it is important to learn more about growing cannabis as it is not any other plant.

Nonetheless, this should not stop you from trying. Talk to a medical marijuana doctor online and get yourself a medical marijuana card so that you can avoid any legal repercussions whatsoever.