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How Do Online Doctor Consultations Work?

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, one can find people talking about a few phrases repeatedly. These include “telemedicine,” “telehealth services,” “online doctor consultations,” besides “quarantine,” “stay home stay safe.” To the world, the concept might be relatively new. However, for most cannabis users, the idea of consulting an MMJ doctor virtually to get a medical marijuana card online is pretty common.

So, what’s the catch?

Telemedicine is nothing new, but its use is of utmost importance since the country is enforcing the lockdown in the majority of its states. So, if you are also trying to connect to a medical marijuana doctor online, here is how online consultations will work.

How do Online Doctor Consultations Work?

You can find multiple numbers of platforms for connecting to a doctor online. Your health insurer can recommend one to you as well. Unlike what people think, telemedicine is a genuine service offered by real doctors. The idea is simple. Social distancing is a need of the hour. So, why not switch to video-chat software to reach a medical marijuana doctor online. That’s how you can talk about your medical issues and prevent yourself from getting any infection as well.

But, the question remains as such, how does this concept work in the real world. Look at it this way. You have a debilitating condition, and you think marijuana can help you manage your condition. What will you do? You have two options.

  1. Visit a doctor’s clinic 
  2. See a doctor virtually to get a medical marijuana card online

Let’s talk about the latter option.

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Online Doctor Consultations

While going to meet a doctor is risky, you will have to shift to the latter and start your search for online doctor consultations. Once you find your suitable provider, you can sign up at their portal and answer a few questions. It is a way to get a look at your issues initially. Once the initial paperwork is done, you will see a doctor through Skype or Facetime, or any other video conferencing app.

They will talk about conditions and symptoms like any traditional doctor in-visits. And if your condition qualifies as per the state’s guidelines, your digital recommendation will be sent to your email within ten minutes. Isn’t that simple?

Yeah, it sure is.

Is That The Only Benefit of Online Doctor Consultations?

Well, that’s not the only way online doctor consultations work. Online doctors can even send prescriptions for medications to your local pharmacy. Beyond that, they can even issue lab tests which you can schedule online as well. In short, no need to step out of your home. Probably why, the significant healthcare foundations, including CDC and WHO are asking people to use telemedicine since the world is under the attack of this deadly Coronavirus.

However, you need to be transparent in what you say to help the doctor guide you in the best possible way. Although medical marijuana cards are not covered with any insurance, your current health insurance might be covering online doctor consultations. Also, the cost and other details might vary. You can search online and find the relevant information about a particular insurer or the companies giving away such services.

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Final Thoughts

The government has marked marijuana as an “essential business” amid the Covid-19 outbreak. So, if you are also looking for ways to get a medical marijuana card online, finding a reliable and trustworthy healthcare provider would be the key to successful evaluations. While we understand the importance of online doctor consultations, not everything can be done online too. So, if you have a situation that requires emergency care, don’t think twice before heading to an emergency room. 

Remember: If you think you might be infected, giving a heads up using tele-triage or online consultation will help the clinic to prepare the place in advance so that others don’t get infected while you are there.